Workshops into Living Memory

1. On the March!

Students from 6 to 10 years of age
The project ‘Tutti in Marcia’ – On the March – is aimed at exposing young visitors to past events and making them discover the spirit of an entire population, which set on march to stand up for its rights. At the Belìce/EpiCentre of Living Memory they will meet our history.
The project also intends to arouse children’s interest in common social issues. It is divided into two parts: a guided tour of the Belìce/EpiCentre, and a workshop. At the end of the tour, the group will gather in an equipped room where the educational activities will be held. They have been devised to raise participants’ awareness about issues such as ecology, legality, and solidarity.

The workshop has been organised and will be led by Maria Giaramidaro, an expert in children’s literature (Oliver Association).

2. Inside Narration

Students from 10 to 18 years of age
The educational path will take young visitors through the Belìce/EpiCentre of Living Memory and the various installations of its museum to increase their knowledge about the themes of collective memory of the populations living in the Belìce Valley. The narrative process will be illustrated to explain how material on the subject has been collected and/or how to pass it on.
After the visit, the students will be involved in games and expressive activities that have been especially devised to work out all the material and enhance it by bringing their personal memories. The only condition is that they have to work on a theme related to those that the Belìce/EpiCentre of Living Memory is promoting.

The workshop has been organised and will be led by the narrator and actor Giacomo Guarneri.

3. I Catch Memory on Film

Students from 10 to 18 years of age
The project’s objective is to analyse documentary photography through the shots taken by Nicolini, Scafidi, Bruno, and Giusino. Participants will start by looking at images that tell different stories about the people’s movements of yesterday and today, the catastrophic earthquake of 1968, and reconstruction in the Belìce Valley. They will then be accompanied in discovering the issues dealt with at the Belìce/EpiCentre and they will be also introduced to the analysis of photographs in their double function of object and document that conveys memory.
After the workshop, they will make a photographic print by using sunlight only. The entire itinerary is aimed at enhancing their communication skills, which are a prerequisite for a harmonious development of their personalities.

The workshop has been organised and will be led by the photographer Antonia Giusino.

Each workshop lasts two hours and costs €3 per student.
The Belìce/EpiCentre association is willing to support teachers who are interested in developing specially targeted projects by also taking into account students’ needs on specific themes.