“Nicolini’s sequence conveyed a new approach to photography as an independent activity, image by image, which was coordinated by a narrative pattern of a cinematographic origin though, in the dialectic relations that the series of images suggested”. (Italo Zannier)

The collection of the Belìce/EpiCentre of Living Memory includes seventy photographs by Toni Nicolini, illustrating The march through western Sicily of 1967 and the earthquake of 1968.


He was born in Milan. Since the early 1960s, at the beginning of his career, the photographer Toni Nicolini showed a preference for social issues, which he always illustrated with respect, care and sensitivity. During his carrier he often collaborated with major Italian organisations and intellectuals, such as Ernesto Teccani’s ‘Fondazione Corrente’, Danilo Dolci’s Study and Initiative Centre, and Luigi Crocenzi’s ‘Centro per la Cultura nella Fotografia’ (centre for cultural photography). He wrote many books for the Italian Touring Club, took part in significant publishing initiatives and organised exhibitions at Lanfranco Colombo’s ‘Il Diaframma’ art gallery.
Worth mentioning is the exhibition ‘Il nuovo impegno’ of 1968 with photographs by Gianni Berengo Gardin and Cesare Colombo. His works have been on display in many personal and collective exhibitions, and many of his photographs are currently part of important public collections, such as the Carrara Academy of Bergamo, the ‘Fondo Archivio dello spazio’ of the Provincial Administration of Milan, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Villa Ghirlanda in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan).

Today, the core of Toni Nicolini’s work continues to draw mainly on his reflections on the unceasing changes of society, his interest in the human condition, urban areas, and landscape.