Antonia Giusino was born in Catania, Sicily, in 1978; after the secondary school specializing in classic studies, she joined the course “story of contemporary art” at “la sapienza” university in Rome. 
She discovered her passion for photography while was attending the first year at the university, so enrolled herself in a five-year course of “Story and technique of black and white photography”, and from them on she never left behind photography, making it her job. She worked in many italian’s cities for publishing houses, newspaper and worked as freelance. 
Since 2006 she leaves again in Sicily, in Palermo, here opened a darkroom in a place shared with a restorer of photosensitive material, and she makes traditional photoprinting and reprinting with historical method.

“I grew up in a sicilian family, which had chosen to live in sicily, in Catania, a bourgeois city on the slopes of vulcan Etna. Since i was a child, my parents were very careful of the way i look at the world and of was happening, helping me to grow a sensibility toward alterity, that frequently marks my way to take pictures. 
Although i had studied outside, “i went for come back”, still now i’m often on journey, for necessity, for fun, to travel, but i believe that doesn’t exist a place better then Sicily if you want to start a journey adventurous and meditative at the same time. 
Every day you are carried away with no preparation off-hand in changing of environment, of landscape and people, which are calling for attention, from destruction to beauty, from contradiction to hard consistency, from boundaries to the ground. For me Sicily is a kaleidoscope of many diversity that crashes but some time interact each other.”